Bible 101

An introduction to the Bible


Thursday evenings at St. Philip’s Church,


This course is an overview of the whole Bible. Participants will learn what is in the Bible, how the Bible is put together, and how Episcopalians generally interpret the Bible. The class will meet once a month for two hours and will be led by Father Eric. You do not need any prior knowledge or experience of the Bible, but even those who are pretty advanced will find new insights and information. Sign up online below. 

**NEW** You can now download powerpoint presentations from previous sessions.


September 20 – How the Bible was written

October 18 – History in and behind the Bible

November 15 -- Torah

December 13 -- Prophets



January 17 -- Writings

February 21 – The Apocrypha

March 14 (Lent) – Mark and Matthew

March 21 (Lent) -- Luke and Acts

March 28 (Lent) -- Johannine Literature

April 4 (Lent) -- Letters of St. Paul




April 11 (Lent) – Other Letters



Some questions we will address—what questions do you have?


  • Who wrote the Bible?
  • Why are there so many translations of the Bible and how are they different?
  • Is everything in the Bible literally true?
  • Is everything in the Bible in chronological order?
  • How can I keep all those names straight?
  • Is the God of the New Testament the same God as in the Old Testament?
  • Why are there four different Gospels?
  • How do I understand Revelation and the other weird stuff in the Bible?


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