June 2019   
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Vestry Meeting
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Construction Update - August 23, 2018
On August 16th, the bricks and lighting were delivered to the church. The architect and general contractor met with John Garman and Fr. Eric on Tuesday, August 21 to go over the final plans for the project.
Please be advised of the following:
On Thursday, August 23 the demolition will begin at the front of the church and the front entrance will be closed for the duration of the project.
Two doors on the East side of the church will be available for use. The blue door on the left takes you to the stairs to the lower level. The key box will be located on that door. The brown door on the right leads right into the sanctuary and will be the main entrance for the church and offices and upper level. A new handle has been installed and it is being keyed to the regular main door entrance key. The bushes by that door are being removed and a temporary metal ramp is being installed. The back door by the library will also be available as a third entrance, though it is a little difficult to get to.
A good part of the lower parking lot will be closed off during construction. Six temporary handicap spaces have been designated closest to the door.
John Garman will be giving a brief verbal update about the project this Sunday, August 26 and he will be available for questions after both services. Please be sure to read further updates in the E-pistle.
We appreciate your patience during this project!