April 2019   
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Front Porch Update from the Vestry


Thanks to everyone who came to the parish meeting on Sunday, April 15 in the ice and sleet.  We had a good turn out and a lot of really helpful feedback.  You can read the Powerpoint presentation here.  Thanks to everyone who filled out a card with comments and a preference between options.  We especially appreciated the spirit of openness and honesty, because whenever we are faced with difficult decisions, it is really important that we find ways to come together as a community.


You can read all of the written comments from the meeting here.  As we read and interpreted them, the breakdown was as follows: 

  • 60% preferred to reject the bid, remediate the entrance and hold off on doing the full project until a later time
  • 20% preferred to accept the revised bid and fund it either with additional loans or a new or extended capital campaign
  • 20% preferred to do nothing for now and wait until a more opportune time


The Vestry met on Thursday, April 19 to review the congregational responses.  At that time we learned that our sole bidder had already been thinking about a remediation plan for us and would be willing to do that work this year if we were to reject the bid.  The Vestry met again on Sunday, April 22.  At that meeting we voted to reject the bid and to pursue a remediation plan with the contractor, which would include repairing the old entrance.  We also voted to cap the expense at $150,000. Our Senior Warden, John Garman, will work with the contractor and will also invite several knowledgeable parishioners to meet with him as we work on a detailed plan.


Thank you all for your patience and prayers as we work on making our church safe, attractive and inviting.  We will keep you posted as we go forward.


--The Vestry