Sep 2020 Bible Study

Fall 2020 Bible Study led by Father Eric

Thursdays, September 10, 17, and 24 from 7:00-8:00 pm

"What Happens When We Die?"




During our Noonday Prayer services this summer, we often read passages that caused us to ask "What happens when we die?" What does the Bible say about things like judgment, resurrection, heaven, hell, purgatory or even limbo? What does the church teach? What do we think? What do we fear or hope for when our time comes?

Join Fr. Eric for a three-week class as we look at some key scriptures and discuss these questions. The passages for each week will be posted here.

The class will be held by Zoom on Thursday evenings at 7 pm: September 10, 17, and 24.

Questions? Contact the church at (248) 651-6188 or email


9/10/20   SESSION 1: The Afterlife in the Hebrew Scriptures

Download the class powerpoint here.

Outline of Class

I. Introduction and overview

  • Why this class – conversations over the summer seemed to come back again to questions about what happens when we die. What does the church teach? What does the Bible say? What do we believe?
  • Three Sessions
      • 9/10/20 Concept of Death and the Afterlife in the Hebrew Bible
      • 9/17/20 What did Jesus teach in the New Testament?
      • 9/24/20 Developments in the New Testament and the Early Church

II. Concept of Death & Afterlife in the Hebrew Bible

  1. Was there an afterlife?
  2. Was the afterlife a poetic idea or something literal and real?
  3. Did everyone go to the same place, or were there distinctions between righteous and unrighteous?
  4. Was there a heaven and hell?

9/17/20   SESSION 2: The Teachings of Jesus

Download the powerpoint here.

  • Questions and thoughts from Session 1
  • Session 2 looks at the mentions of death, judgment and the afterlife in the Gospels
  • Questions to think about:
    • How do we read the parables of Jesus?
    • Are these stories meant to give us a literal picture or something else?
    • What can we glean from these stories?
  • Some passages to look at for this session
    • Sadducees Question the ResurrectionMark 12:18-27 (Matthew 22:23-33; Luke 20:27-40)
    • Rich Man and LazarusLuke 16:19-31
    • Wedding BanquetMatthew 22:1-14
    • BridesmaidsMatthew 25:1-13
    • Last JudgmentMatthew 25:31-46
    • The Narrow DoorLuke 13:22-30
    • Age to Come: Luke 18:28-34

9/24/20   SESSION 3: The Development of Christian Theology

Download the powerpoint here.

  • Letters of Paul
  • Revelation
  • Development of the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds


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