Red Cross Blood Drives

American Red Cross Blood drives sponsored by St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

Each year St. Philip’s hosts 6 blood drives in coordination with the American Red Cross of Southeastern Michigan. The drives are scheduled approximately every 56 days, coinciding with eligibility regulations set forth by the FDA for blood donors. St. Philip’s agrees to host donors that can donate both whole blood units as well as “Double Red” units at each drive.

Since 2011 St. Philip’s Blood Drives have collected thousands of units of blood in our community equating to over 10,000 lives directly affected by our ministry. Since the inception of blood drives at St. Philip’s we are recognized now as a premier partner to the American Red Cross and have had a significant impact – hosting hundreds of blood drives and recruiting thousands of donors. Blood is the only thing you can donate that directly impacts the recipient and cannot be donated or manufactured any other way. It saves lives!

Our St. Philip’s Red Cross Ministry Team consists of 8-10 parish members and one member of our community who liked our work and now volunteers regularly for us. Our volunteer base is dwindling so if you see it in your future to help out with a ministry at St. Philip’s please know that there is always help needed to run snack table and welcome donors at registration.


Blood Drives Scheduled for 2024

All drives begin at 11:00am and are finished by 5:00pm.

April 19, 2024

June 21, 2024 -- Location change to St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Rochester

August 16, 2024

October 18, 2024

December 20, 2024