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the Twenty-fifth Sunday

after Pentecost

November 19, 2023


8:00am Worship Service (said)

10:00am Worship Service (with choir)


This week, we welcome

The Rev. Stacy Salles*

 as our celebrant.


*I was once asked if I could give a description of my role as a priest in one sentence. Here it is – I’m the waiter at God’s party who makes sure everyone’s wine glass is full.

I grew up in the Episcopal Church. My father was a priest in Detroit at the same church for over 20 years. The Church, and by that I mean the community of faithful, has always been the air that I breathe. Sometimes that can be painful, but mostly it is heavenly. My faith journey involves a call when I was walking home from high school. Interrupting my train of thought I heard God clearly say to me, “I am going to use you.” I had paused in my walk and waited. I thought someone was playing a joke on me. I finally said, “I know who you are. I don’t know what you want to use me for, but Okay.” It hadn’t occurred to me to be a priest as that is not what women did when I was in high school. In 1984 I became a Corrections Officer for the State of MI at Huron Valley Women’s Facility. Before I entered that service God advised me not to see people the way the world judged them, but to see them as his children. It was a simple matter of treating everyone with dignity and respect even when I had to say “No”. I am so grateful for the officers and prisoners who taught me things I needed to know about myself and humanity. I would have retired from there, but God stirred up the waters by closing that facility. That forced me to re-think my college day thoughts about becoming a priest. I began attending seminary part-time while working full-time and raising a daughter as a single parent. All together I served in Corrections fourteen years with three of those as a probation officer. I was ordained as a transitional deacon on Dec. of 2002 and priest in June of 2003. In 2006 I took a position as Rector of Saint Paul’s in Romeo, MI until August 2015. While in Romeo I also served as Dean of the Oakland Deanery for the last five years of my time at Saint Paul’s (It may have been a little more). In September of 2015 I was called by the Diocese of Southern Ohio to serve a church that had suffered some trauma over a generation or so and to help them discover a new way of ministering to the neighborhood as it began to gentrify while still maintaining an economically poor population.

I do not believe that the literal Eucharist table is where I find my identity as a priest. All of us should be carrying the Eucharist with us where-ever we go. As I drew closer to retirement, I wanted to discover a new ministry that would serve that eucharistic sensibility. I am currently a Music Practitioner for Healing and Transition student. My musical instrument is the folk harp. I have one more class to complete and then a year practicum of playing in a medical facility before becoming certified. I am hoping to offer that ministry to those suffering from mental health and/or post trauma issues, but I am always open to where God will lead me.
Be sure to stay and visit with us at the coffee hour following the 10am service. 

Everyone is welcome!  


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